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Mapping Madison's 'Human' Web/Tech Assets

This is a five question survey to help identify Madison's valuable human assets. Our focus is on identifying resources for Madison's burgeoning web/tech community. We would like you to identify three (3), or more resources for each question. Please note, that because so many names ARE NOT unique, please add other identifying factors, such as place of work, area of speciality, etc.


Think of people who are pushing Madison forward; who are challenging you and or Madison to be better. They should live in Madison or the surrounding communities.

3 People Who Helped You Navigate Madison's Tech/Web Scene?

3 Madison Thought Leaders

They should be, at least casually related to the web/tech community— education, economy, start-ups, entrepreneurs, former mayors, community leaders, etc.

3 Web/Tech Entrepreneurs You Know or Heard of Recently

3 Madisonians You'd Recommend Following on Twitter (besides yourself)

If you know their Twitter handle, please include it.

3 Recommendations for Someone New To the Madison Web/Tech Scene

A friend, family member, or a new acquaintance is moving to Madison, and wants to get involved in the Madison web/technology scene. What are three or more things you would recommend them to do?

Optional Information

Know a lot about Madison's Web/Tech Scene? We'd love to talk to you.

If you would be interested in having us poke your brain a bit more; please provide us your name and how to contact you.

We can call you…

We can email you, if you prefer.

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